November 17, 2014

Horse & Trap on Beach

Copying Photos from our Photo Library....

50 Years ago this week - We did photos of a John Barnes & Albert Franks (Scarborough FC Captain) on a Horse & Trap on Scarborough's South Bay beach, North Yorkshire.

Not sure what the photos were for, but most likely for a news or feature story of some kind for a local or national newspaper. 

It's really interesting digging out the photos we have within our photo library. We're going to be creating a Scarborough Photo Library web site in the coming months, where people will be able to search for jobs and people we have photographed through the years and be able to purchase photos. The photos will also be available to purchase for editorial usage too.

JOBS: Diary Entries
It's taken some time to input all the information from our diary entries into a searchable digital format. But a much bigger job will be scanning the negatives in order to product digital images. We will then need to edit, process and clean them up so they can be made available to buy.

NEGATIVES:  Old Black & White Negatives 120 & 35mm

ENVELOPES:  Packets of Negs
 Most of our Negatives in our archive are in old brown envelopes. We are soon getting a proper scanner to get decent scans of these negatives. The way we have been doing it so far is with an old Light box, a mask and an my little Fuji X10 set on Super Macro mode on a Tripod. Once the images are copied, I then invert the images in Photoshop and crop & edit them. But once we get our Scanner, we are hoping to get much better quality images.

Copying Setup: Fuji X10 on Super Macros setting.

Please share our story. And look out for our SCARBOROUGH PHOTO LIBRARY web site coming soon. In the mean time, we will be regularly be uploading basic scans from our archive photos each week. Showing what we were up to 50 years ago.  

These photos will be regularly shared on our Social Media sites such as....

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