May 22, 2013

Fellow PHOTOGRAPHERS....... Indemnity & Copyright within Client Contracts. If you ever get asked to do any photography for Holiday Lettings - I would first suggest you make sure you read the contract very well! And consult your insurance company first. The fee isn't great, but they expect you to sign over the copyright & full IP rights of your images, and in return they expect you to indemnify them against any legal or court action against themselves in the event of any misuse of the images on their own sites. Basically they will own the images, but should someone sue or take legal action for any reason over the use of the images on their own web site's the Photographer is the one who takes the hit (This is if you sign the Contract - I thought better of it). Please pass on to any other photographers you know. These contracts are beginning to become more popular - But ONLY if photographers are stupid enough to sign them! I was nearly one of them, but please resist. Many thanks Keith