October 29, 2009

My Halloween Discovery

I made an eerie find last weekend. I was in Gloucestershire visiting relatives, when I discovered a rare find indeed. There hanging on a twig at the side of my parents garage was the skeleton of a Bat.

It must have died, then fallen from the roof and managed to get hooked up on a twig of a bush on the way down.

My children were really excited with the find, when I asked them what it was my youngest asked if it was a Dinosaur - when you see it's teeth on the photos you can understand why he made this assumption. The head looks like that of a Miniature Tyrannosaurs Rex.

I have found many skeletons in my years but never a Bat. Another unusual thing was there curled up in the Bat's rib cage was a Spider using the torso as a shelter or home.

I decided to do some photography of this strange find. It turned out to be a very tricky customer to photograph. Unfortunately the body had been twisted a little out of shape which made it harder to capture on camera due to the unusual shape.

I used a cheap close up lens I had in my bag for photographing small subjects like this and varied the direction of the flash to try and show off the teeth the best I could. I could have really done with a proper close up lens or some bellows to do it real justice.

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October 19, 2009

Dobson Agency signs up 100th photographer

The Dobson Agency are celebrating this week after registering our 100th professional photographer.

We are based in Scarborough, recently crowned as Britain's most enterprising town, and provide photographers for PR agencies, magazines and corporate businesses around the clock - and around the UK & Ireland.

Director Keith Meatheringham said: "This is a fantastic achievement and shows that we provide an innovative and reliable service to our clients. They appreciate the standards we set in PR and corporate editorial photography."

Instead of clients facing hours of trying to track down a photographer in many locations, one call to Keith can fix that in one go.

Keith said: "Once we get a job from a client, I arrange the photographer/s, brief them and organise getting the photographs back to the client.

We've established ourselves as one of the country's leading agencies to provide this service - we are cost-effective, efficient & give a friendly service which is why clients keep coming back to us.

“Every photographer that works for me has to keep to the high standards I set and therefore they produce high quality creative photography.”

Recently we were commissioned by a major supermarket chain to shoot portraits of 34 managers throughout the UK.

“A bespoke-designed website means that our clients have access to their images very quickly after a shoot or event. Our secure client login area enables our customers to view and download their photographs themselves.”

For more information about The Dobson Agency - whether as a potential client or as a photographer looking to sign up and get some rewarding work, go to dobsonagency.co.uk or call...

Tel: (01723) 860770 or mobile: (07802) 530583 or contact us by email: pix@dobsonagency.co.uk.

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Telephone: 0845 833 0716

Mobile: 07939 114313

Email: info@urbanmediapublishing.co.uk

Web: http://urbanmediapublishing.co.uk

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Pickering War Time Weekend 2009

Picture of my family and I when we got dressed up for this years Pickering War Time Weekend.

We had a great time, and I would recommend this event to anyone. There is a really good atmosphere and it was so interesting to see everyone dressed up. There is plenty to see and do, and the event is getting bigger and bigger every year.

I managed to pick up an old uniform from the local saleroom and my wife did a great job trawling Ebay for outfits for my Boys and herself.
The outfits might not be totally correct for the era, but we did feel more involved.

Pickering War Weekend

Great time at Pickering War Weekend.

Pickering in North Yorkshire held it's War Time Weekend, 16-18th Oct, and I was there with my camera. I even got into the spirit of things and got dressed up with my Wife and two Children.

Pickering in North Yorkshire recaptured the spirit of the second world war, with its annual War Time Weekend. It is a tribute to the men and women who kept Britain's railways running throughout the war. Hundreds of skilled
re-enactors helped create the authentic atmosphere that has earned it an international reputation for authenticity. Other North Yorkshire Moors Railway line villages including Goathland, Levisham and Grosmont took part with wartime signs, notices, sandbags and taped up windows, and re-enactors everywhere, showing how life was during the war years.

On saturday, there was a parade through Pickering of period civilian and army vehicles and in the evening, a superb costume dinner dance, complete with NAAFI canteen and Glen Miller type orchestra.


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October 01, 2009

What Links do I have?

I decided to do a search of Links I have to my web site today on google. Here are my results...
It's surprising how many Search Engines are out there.