November 29, 2011

Press Photographers being Labelled PAPS. WRONG!

LEVESON INQUIRY: I would like to point out the difference between PAPS & News Photographers. Thanks to poor journalism on TV & with Celeb's failing to make the clear distinction between Paparazzi & News/Press Photographers when giving evidence, this has lead too all photographers unfortunately been labelled Paparazzi! Unfortunately the word Paparazzi has now been tarnished so much that even some of the proper PAPS must get fed up.  

I’m A Press Photographer & Very Proud Of It - By Edmond Terakopian (Photojournalist).

There is an ever growing band of out of control 'Paparazzi' photographers (Freelance/or Agency staff) on our streets who are managing to give News Photographers/Photojournalists like myself and other photographers a bad name. And if we are not careful legitimate photographers could lose the right to document our countries history & news through the medium of photography for ever. We live in a Free Democratic Country & have the freedom of the Press, We cannot let these this happen!

There are many Sub Categories within Photography, one of which is Paparazzi, and some of these Paps are honest working and very good showbiz photographers. But we need to rid our streets of some of these low paid amateurs who are taken on with what appears to be one rule only - Get the photo which makes the most money! Unfortunately this fuel is fed by the public who seem to demand these images by buying this garbage.

There are occasions when News Photographers are asked to photograph Celebrity's, of course, but only when there is a new worthy angle and/or good reason. I find it disgusting that some of these 'paps' are happy with hounding & stalking celebs 24/7. This is NOT journalism!

I yearn for the day when the Newspapers will be full of stories about real people again, not this unhealthy demand for Celebrity's.  Please pass feel FREE to comment and pass this on to all you know. Keith Meatheringham (Press Photographer). 

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