April 07, 2011

Elton John Concert - What a Joke!

Elton John Concert

I have been told today that our photo agency cannot get accreditation for an Elton John gig which is happening in the town where we are based and that the only photographers who are allowed in are the local paper who have had to sign a contract which probably severely limits how and where the images can be used. God knows what they are signing!

I bet the paper still turns up and gives them loads of FREE publicity – even if they are being told what they can do with their own images!

This is happening more and more nowadays with many of these music artists even getting editorial photographers to sign over their copyright.

The only way this is going to stop is by photographers and publications completely boycotting these concerts, and therefore not giving any publicity to them. There have been a few instances where photographers have refused to sign and editors have pulled them off the event.

What they are totally forgetting is that it’s partly down to the newspapers, magazines and their journalists & photographers who have made all them all who they are today.

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