October 07, 2010

My Blipfoto

I am really enjoying using my Blipfoto account (an on line photo-diary journal).

Blipfoto is a web site for people who have a passion for photography. You basically join up and add a Journal photo - 1 picture per day. Simple as that, it's so easy to use.

Until recently, and before I discovered Blipfoto, my camera didn't get to see the light unless I was on a paid job, it was packed away in my camera bag, only seeing the light of day when arriving at the location.

Now however I keep my camera out of my camera bag, (where it should be) and I am continually thinking about what my Blipfoto of the day could or will be. This has been very motivating for me, and has helped me create so many lovely images, I certainly wouldn't have created if I hadn't started using Blipfoto.

Please view my Blipfoto Journal and see my daily pictures for yourself. And please don't hesitate in joining and subscribing to my diary photos.

Picture above shows some of my images when doing a member search for Meatheringham.

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