October 29, 2009

My Halloween Discovery

I made an eerie find last weekend. I was in Gloucestershire visiting relatives, when I discovered a rare find indeed. There hanging on a twig at the side of my parents garage was the skeleton of a Bat.

It must have died, then fallen from the roof and managed to get hooked up on a twig of a bush on the way down.

My children were really excited with the find, when I asked them what it was my youngest asked if it was a Dinosaur - when you see it's teeth on the photos you can understand why he made this assumption. The head looks like that of a Miniature Tyrannosaurs Rex.

I have found many skeletons in my years but never a Bat. Another unusual thing was there curled up in the Bat's rib cage was a Spider using the torso as a shelter or home.

I decided to do some photography of this strange find. It turned out to be a very tricky customer to photograph. Unfortunately the body had been twisted a little out of shape which made it harder to capture on camera due to the unusual shape.

I used a cheap close up lens I had in my bag for photographing small subjects like this and varied the direction of the flash to try and show off the teeth the best I could. I could have really done with a proper close up lens or some bellows to do it real justice.

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