August 18, 2009

WWII Bomb - Detonation

Spent today photographing a story, for the Daily Express and other Papers, about a 500lb WWII Bomb which was discovered while someone digging up a second world war bomber which crashed in the village of Ebberston near Scarborough.

We had a Press briefing this morning at 10am and we were told their was a 1,600 meter exclusion area - which was not going to be perfect for photography. I decided to set up a video camera at the edge of the field just in case. I was glad to find that the camera was still in perfect condition on my return, so too were the ITV & BBC Cameramen's more expensive Cameras.

Unfortunately I have a problem with my old manual Tamron 300mm f2.8 and so I had to rely on my Nikon 70-200mm f2.8 without a 2x convertor! So I had to crop it quite considerably. If only I could warrant buying a £7500 400mm f2.8. In my dreams.

Interested in the Story see below...

Yorkshire Post - I'm in this video.

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