July 11, 2009

Happy Guests Lodge - Warrington

I had to stay over in Lancashire recently after getting a job in the same area the next morning. I found it very hard to find somewhere for under £60 for the night. It would have been cheaper for me to drive all the way back to Yorkshire and back the next morning. So I really needed somewhere for around £40 to make it worth while. Eventually the office found me some accommodation for under £50 at the Happy Guests Lodge near Warrington.

The Lodge is run by a Chinese lady and her husband who are very friendly.

They were really nice on the phone when booking and on arrival the location was a little off putting at first, but once inside the reception staff made me feel really welcome and the service was very good. It's an unusual set up with a kitchen just behind the reception where they offer chinese meals - I had a chicken curry & rice which was lovely, and they even brought it to my room for me at no extra charge. They even have a fridge behind reception with cold cans of beer and other refreshments.

The rooms and facilities were VERY spacious and clean with modern design and furniture. They had wireless internet too which is a must for me. But unfortunately this is only available in reception and the lounge area upstairs.

Happy Guests Lodge
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