May 07, 2009

Trip to Parliament

My Trip to Parliament.

I was commissioned this week to cover the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign's trip to Parliament.

Disabled commuters are forced to pay more for an inconsistent and inaccessible public transport system across the UK, as revealed by a three month undercover investigation published by the MDC Trailblazers team.

The investigative report End of the Line which was presented to Parliament on the 5th May, includes over 200 mystery commuter journeys. The trips were undertaken by young disabled campaigners in order to assess the state of our nation's public transport system.

Read the evidence from you region here.

For more information - See the MDC Web site below...
Muscular Dystrophy Campaigne - Trailblazers

More about the 'End of the Line' Report HERE

Watch the London Tonight Video HERE

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