March 16, 2009

Photographing Neil Morrissey at his new pub, in North Yorkshire

I recently had the pleasure of photographing actor Neil Morrissey & celebrity chef & fellow business partner Richard Fox at their pub Ye Olde Punchbowl in Marton-Cum-Grafton, in North Yorkshire.

I was commissioned by
The Publican Newspaper to do some photography for a feature on Neil and Richard’s micro brewery, where they produce their own MorrisseyFox brands of beers.

It’s a really lovely pub they have, with a very stylish mixture of old and contemporary design. I didn’t have chance to eat this time, but, the food looks fantastic. So I’m looking forward to booking a table in the near future and sampling their menu.

I was impressed with their beer too. While I was there I had a glass of MorriseyFox Blonde which I found to be a very refreshing pint. It’s a hybrid of Larger and Ale, and if only I wasn’t driving I would have quite happily sunk a few more.

Before I left I asked if Neil if he could right a little message to my son, as he is struggling with his English work at school. One of his favourite TV programs is BBC’s
Waterloo Road, in which Neil stars as Dept Head of School Eddie Lawson. Neil very kindly agreed, and my son was over the moon. I must say we have noticed him trying harder since.

Link to the feature & photographs in the Publican…

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